Classical Notes Features

Finding your way into classical music

Anecdotes and information

Classical Notes has a large collection of anecdotes, fun facts and information on classical composers. We will update our database on a regular basis and we love to receive stories and facts we may have missed. Please note that our collection is still growing, so check back often to find something new!


Musical terms and forms

The app includes lists of musical terms and musical forms. Very convenient when you are listening to music at home or at a concert and would like to check what you are actually listening to. For these listings we also trust the community to inform us of errors, corrections or additions.


Statistics & more

When collecting information, we also thought it would be fun to include some statistics. How many works per year did a composer write on average, how old were they, where did they come from, what instruments did they play and more. As an extra in the ad-free version, we made the full database with composer information available. Also, we have and some further statistics about the information in the app and we are creating a gallery of caricatures!


Send us feedback

We always need feedback! You can contact us from the app or leave a message through our contact form here on the site. We are also keen to receive information on errors, mistakes or missing information.